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→ Master of Dental Surgery (M.D.S.) with Silver Medal of merit at Oral Health Sciences Center, PGIMER
, Chandigarh, India (2009-2012).

→ Bachelor of Dental Surgery (B.D.S.) at Govt. Dental College, Pt. B.D Sharma, University of Health
Sciences, Rohtak, India (2002-2007).

Research and Publications

Published Book

Verma R, Utreja A, Singh SP. “Bracket Siting” published by Lambert Academic Publishing OmniScriptum, Germany (ISBN no 978-3-659-64417-7).

Published Articles


1) Gupta R, Singla D, Verma RK. “Isolating Teeth with Gingival Retraction Cord for Bonding“Journal of
Clinical Orthodontics. May 2012, pp 299 -300.

2) Verma RK, Jena AK, Singh SP, Utreja AK. “Strudy Hooks for Elastics attachments Journal of Clinical
Orthodontics”. Sep 2012, pp 572.

3) Jena AK, Singh SP, Utreja AK, Verma RK. Accidental ingestion of orthodontic band loop. Orthodontic
Updates, April 2013;Vol 06, No 02, pp 54-57.

4) Verma RK, Jena AK, Singh SP, Utreja AK. Multipurpose inter-maxillary hook for elastic and spring
attachment. Orthodontic Cyberjournal. Nov 2013 (Online only).


1) Verma RK, Jena AK, Singh SP, Utreja AK,Removable molar power arm. Contemporary Clinical Dentistry;
2013, volume 4:issue 3,pp 353-55.

2) Verma RK, Jena AK, Singh SP, Utreja AK, Sardana D. Innovative approach to Class II malocclusion.
Clinical Dentistry; March 2014, pp 43-47.

3) Verma RK, Raghav P, Reddy MC, Kanwal R. Anterior Sectional Twin Bracket Appliance- Innovative use
for correction of single tooth crossbite: A case report with biomechanics. Int J Clin Pediatr Dent

4) Pradeep Raghav, Swati Jain, Munish Reddy, Shishir Singh, Tarun S Phull, Raj K Verma. Evaluation of
nasal form in average, pleasing and attractive looking individuals.. Int J Cont Med Res. 2015;2(1):12-19


→ All kind of fixed orthodontic cases

→ Lingual Orthodontics

→ Surgical orthodontics ( Cases Planned for Orthognathic surgery)

→ Cleft lip and palate patients


→ Worked as House Surgeon (Oral Health Sciences Centre) at Post Graduate Institute of Medical Educationbr and Research (PGIMER), Chandigarh, India from Jan 2009 to June 2009.

→ Currently working as Senior Lecturer (from 14/01/2013) in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopaedics,br> Subharti Dental College, SVSU, Meerut, UP. India.

Academic interests (Conferences and PG conventions):-

1) Participated in 45th Indian Orthodontic Conference, Mangalore held from 17th to 19th Nov 2010

2) Presented a scientific paper in 15th IOS PG Convention held at Manali (HP) from 25th to 27th March

3) Participated in 48th Indian Orthodontic Conference, held at Ahmedabad held from 22nd to 24th Nov 2013

4) Preconvention course on Edgewise to next generation at 18th IOS PG Convention held at SDC Meerut
from 27th Feb to 2nd March 2014

5) Preconvention course on self Ligation at 18th IOS PG Convention held at SDC Meerut from 27th Feb to 2nd
March 2014

6) Post convention course on Clinical and wildlife photography by Dr Matrishva Vyas at 18th IOS PG
Convention held at SDC Meerut from 27th Feb to 2nd March 2014

7) Chaired a scientific session at 18th IOS PG Convention held at SDC Meerut
from 27th Feb to 2nd March 2014

8) Management of gingival Recession by Dr Philip Preshaw, at Chandigarh, on 11th April 2009.

9) Efficient practice of Class II and Debonding by Dr Lisa Alvetro, at Chandigarh, on 23rd Aug 2009.

10) Cardio pulmonary Resuscitation by Department of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care, PGIMER
Chandigarh on 18-20th Sep 2009.

11) Course on Research Methodology and Biostatistics heldat PGIMER Chandigarh in Oct 2009.

12) Impacted third molar removal by Dr Vidya Ratan, at Chandigarh, on 20th Nov 2009.

13) Thesis Writing by Department of Peadiatrics, PGIMER Chandigarh on 9-10th April 2010

14) Dental practice and consumer protection act by IDA Chandigarh on 14th Aug 2010.

15) Sterilization and disinfection protocol in dental practice – an update by IDA Chandigarh on 26th Sep

16) Some thoughts on orthodontic diagnosis by Prof Ram S Nanda, at Chandigarh on 22nd Feb 2011

17) Radiology and imaging in dental practice: an Update by department of Radio-diagnosis and imaging
PGIMER Chandigarh on 1st May 2011)

18) Training and scope of oral and maxillofacial surgery in Europe by Dr Christoph Huppa, at Chandigarh
on 21st Nov 2011)

19) Biomimetic Ceramic Veneers by IDA Chandigarh on 24th Jan 2012)

20) Clinical Dentistry – An Update by IDA Chandigarh on 4th Nov 2012)

21) Learning objectives in dental education by Subharti Dental College on 14th April 2013)

22) The Elixir of Class II’s: what’s hot and what’s not at SDC Meerut on 4th June 2013)

23) TADS Today : A Comprehensive workshop by ITS Greater Noida on 8th June 2013

24) In the embrace of perfection – an IBO Presentation by SDC Meerut on 18th Aug 2013

25) Clinical pearls in orthodontics – An IBO awareness programme by SGT University Gurgaon on 19th
Jan 2015

Participation as host in Events Organised

→ Seminar on Learning about teaching on 14th April 2013 at SDC Meerut.

→ Worked as Chairman Hospitality and accommodation in 18th IOS PG Convention held at SDC Meerut
from 27th Feb to 2nd March 2014.

→ Worked as Chairman Hospitality in 3rd University convocation held at SDC Meerut from 28th March

→ Ambassador of Meerut Orthodontic Study Group in transfer of Smile Torch from Meerut to Jaipur.

Community service:-

→ Participation in regular free dental check up camps.

→ Regular blood donation at Subharti dental College and Lokpriya Hospital, Meerut.

→ Integral part of smile torch campaign programme by MOSG from 21st March to 4th April 2015


→ Captain of Gold medallist volleyball team in annual sports of PGIMS Rohtak 2006

→ Captain of Silver medallist volleyball team in annual sports of PGIMS Rohtak 2007

→ Third position in Shotput in Annual Sports at SDC Meerut.