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Email address:
Mobile no. 9927957113
Reader, Department of Periodontology
Subharti Dental College & Hospital
Subharti Puram, Meerut



M.D.S (Periodontology)

Research and Publications

1) Use of light cure glass ionomer cement as an alternative treatment modality in grade III furcation defect. A
case series. JICD, 2009; 54(2).

2) New Innovative Technology: Waterlase in Periodontics. PJSR 2010; vol. 3 (1), 39-42.

3) “Pyogenic Granuloma – A Case Report” U.P. State Dental Journal, Vol. 28 (4) October 2010 Page no. 193-

4) Evaluation of Role of Xanthan Based Chlorhexidine gel (Chlosite) for Enhanced Therapeutic Efficiency in
Chronic Periodontitis – A Pilot Study. JICD 2011, Vol.56, No.1&2, Page 46-47.

5) Herpes labialis with associated idiopathic gingival enlargement: A case report. IJDSR October 2011, Vol
29(4); page 186-187

6) Peripheral Giant cell Granuloma: Case report with treatment and follow up. Journal of Oral Sign 2012, Vol
4,No 1 (Jan-Apr 2012) Page 46-47.

7) Pregnancy Induced Gingival Enlargement – A Case Report. “People’s Journal Of Scientific Research
– Vol. 6(2) 60-63, July 2013”

8) The perio-esthetic-restorative approach for anterior rehabilitation Journal of Indian Society of
Periodontology - Vol 17 (4), Jul-Aug 2013|535-38|

9) Inflammatory Gingival Enlargement – a Case Report” has been published in the National Journal of
Medical and Dental Research; Oct – Dec 2013, Vol. 2(1) page 58-62.

10) Smile enhancement with econstruction of interdental papilla– A case report” has been published in the
TMU J. Dent Vol. – 1; Issue 1 Jan – Mar 2014

11) “Nanotechnology: Are we still there?” Journal of Oral Sign 2013; 5(3): 128-132.

12) Peripheral Ossifying Fibroma: A Case Report. Journal of Oral Sign 2012, Vol 4, No 1 (Jan-Apr 2012)
Page 30-31.

13) ’The use of Platelet Rich Fibrin and Demineralized Freeze Dried Bone Allograft in the treatment of
intrabony defect – A Case Report.” by Sch J Med Case Rep 2014;2(8):563-567

Papers and Poster Presented

1) “Management of multirooted teeth with grade III furcation involvement utilizing resion ionomer” 62nd IDA
Conference held at Nagpur in Feb 09.

2) “Herpes labialis with associated idiopathic gingival enlargement: A case report” 36th ISP National
Conference, Ahmadabad. 2011

3) “Papilla Reconstruction 37th ISP National Conference, Shimla, 12-14 October 2012

4) “Use of periosteum pedicle graft for root recession coverage” 38th ISP National conference, Kochi on
October 24-27, 2013 at Sree Gokulam Convention Center, Kaloor, Kochi, Kerala

5) “Phenytoin induced gingival enlargement a case report” 39th ISP National Conference, Jaipur w.e.f. 10-12
October 2014


Indian Dental Association

Life member of ISP (Indian Society of Periodontology)