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Lokpriya Hospital
"Compassionate care at affordable price"


Comprehensive treatment under one roof for all your Ear, Nose and Throat related ailments

The Department of ENT is a full-fledged specialty, ready to meet the health care needs associated with Ear, Nose and Throat. Our aim is to make available best ENT care which is accessible and affordable. The ENT OPD department has a fully equipped state of the art modern ENT examination unit with built in suction, light source and cautery

We provide the best treatment for ear, nose & throat diseases & disorders. The comprehensive treatment vertical covers advanced diagnosis & patient centric ENT care through our latest therapeutic programmes

The Lokpriya Hospital ENT Department is recognised as one of the leading centres which receives and treats patients from all over meerut and periphery.

The ENT Department also caters to all patients with ENT, Laryngeal, Head and Neck problems.

Specialities covered

· Ear, Nose, Throat

· Larynx and Head and Neck including thyroid, parotid and submandibular gland.

· Neurotology, cochlear implants.

· Laser Surgery

· Nasal endoscopy for pituitary tumours and CSF leaks.

· Plastic surgery, Rhinoplasty, Cleft palate, pharyngoplasty.

Routine out-door, indoor and emergency services including:
Out Patients Department

Surgical Procedures:
Tonsillectomy and adenoid surgery, myringotomy and foreign body removal

· Cochlear Implants for the severely hearing handicapped

· Endoscopic sinus surgery for sinus disease

· Laser Surgery

· Microscopic ear surgery and microlaryngoscopy

· Re-constructive nasal surgery and cleft palate surgery and pharynoplasty.

· Head and neck surgery for malignant and benign tumours

All routine ENT surgeries namely tonsillectomy (laser), adenoidectomy, grommet insertion, tympanoplasty, mastoidectomy, stapedectomy, functional endoscopic sinus surgery, Polypectomy, septoplasty, caldwel Luc for maxillary sinus, turbinectomy, excision of nasopharyngeal fibroma, maxillectomy, microlaryngoscopy with laser excision of lesions and subglottic stenosis, laser surgery of submucous fibrosis.

· Head and Neck surgery, including lymph node biopsies, thyroplasty laryngectomy, block dissection thyroidecotmy, parotidectomy, submandibular gland + ranula excision, excision of branchial sinus.

· Plastic surgery – Rhinoplasty, cleft palate, - pharyngoplasty.

· Cochlear implant surgery. Endoscopic removal of pituitary tumors. Mucoceles, & closure of CSF leaks.

· The Department also caters to all patientswith ENT, Laryngeal, Head and Neck problems.