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Lokpriya Hospital
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Trauma / Emergency Care at Lokpriya Hospital is an exclusive center committed to provide immediate treatment in any emergency. All the Emergency Medicine doctors, trauma surgeons and support staffs are trained to deal with cases from minor injuries to patients requiring advanced trauma care.

The primary objective of the centre is to provide acute care to injured patients. This centre provides round-the-clock service with 24 x 7 accesses to modern operation theatres, a fully stocked 24-hour pharmacy & imaging and diagnostic tools for immediate and accurate diagnosis of the patient's condition. The emergency care staff are specially trained and equipped to respond to patients who need immediate and prompt medical care.

Facilities :

→ Tertiary trauma centre with a trauma team, including neurosurgery, orthopedics, general surgery and anesthesiology

→ Emergency operation theatre, triage room, trauma bay, transit ward, a pneumatic system for blood investigation, and shock room that is exclusively meant for cardiac arrest patients for CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation)

→ Ventilators, cardiac monitors, biphasic defibrillator and all the emergency equipments and drugs required to handle every emergency.

→ Mobile X-Ray unit, an ultra sonogram and CT & MRI facility.

→ The hospital offers 24/7 ambulance services and has an ambulance control room.

→ Zero-infection environment, Zero-infection certified blood and blood components and many other critical factors, imperative in critical care treatment

→ 24-hour pharmacy

Services :

The Center is equipped to handle all emergencies ranging from minor to major medical and accident emergencies, including:

→ Surgical

→ Medical

→ Environmental emergencies like drug abuse/ poisoning

→ Emergency care for elderly / handicapped, terminally ill or patients with multi-system failures

→ Treatment of mass causalities and disaster victims

→ Simple procedures like wound suturing, incision and drainage, dressing, application of plaster of Paris casts

→ Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, endotracheal intubation, securing central venous access, facility for treating poly -trauma and severe head injuries

The department of Emergency & Trauma Care provide comprehensive emergency medical services 365*24*7.Equipped with state of the art emergency equipment and staffed by specialist teams, they provide all lifesaving procedures including resuscitation, airway protection, vascular support, cardiac support, cardiac pacing, and multidisciplinary support in case of accidents, falls, and assaults.

An Emergency Medical service takes care of all emergency patients which has got telephone access and round the clock red alert team along with all concerned specialities.

It also includes medical response to disasters, planning for and provision of medical coverage at mass gatherings, and interfaculty transfers of patients.

The department is situated on the ground floor of the hospital building . It is accessible for the patients from two sides from the front as well as from inside through the main entrance of the hospital. The department has beds with monitors , trained and qualified staff, high tech equipments along with minor O.T.Minor O.T. to carry out all minor emergency surgeries.
Most of the diagnostic services required for emergency services are available 24 hours.

The Department offers comprehensive emergency and trauma care. We believe in providing prompt lifesaving care to those in need.It is a scientifically developed, protocol-driven emergency service. The service has several unique and innovative features -


A dedicated and easy to remember emergency access number – 0124 – 6767000

Round the Clock Ambulance Service provides state of the art ambulances equipped with advanced life support equipment and manned by trained personnel .They provide timely and quality pre-hospital emergency care for the critically ill and injured patients

Established clinical protocols for patients presenting with chest pain, stroke, trauma and others

Charting and triage system that helps to decrease wait time

Dedicated CT, MRI, CR and ULTRASOUND

24/7 clinical laboratory

Dedicated resuscitation beds, crash cart, multi channel monitors, mechanical ventilators

Dedicated minor procedure room for emergency procedures, trauma and surgical emergencies

Cardiac ambulance, emergency physician and emergency technicians to provide Emergency Medical Services to patients’ door steps; cardiologists with cath team for cardiac emergencies

Stroke treatment team with neurologist, radiologist and neurosurgeons

Trauma team with orthopaedic surgeon, general surgeon, plastic surgeon, to take care of poly trauma patients

Paediatric team for emergencies related to children; paediatric care beds for paediatric emergencies

Effective communication system between the central control room, ambulances and the emergency facilities in the hospital.

Highly trained and experienced emergency physicians available 24-hours a day.

Latest monitoring and imaging equipment.

State of the art Blood Bank operational 24x7.

Medical help that can be given to the patients through emergency department falls into three categories:

  • A. Basic life support services involve transportation of stable patients who have no serious emergency conditions and are not critically ill, and for whom no major stabilization is needed and anticipated.
  • B. Advanced life support includes basic life support services, cardio pulmonary resuscitation including cardiac monitoring, defibrillation, trauma care and other life support measures like provision of continuous oxygen supply, monitoring of blood pressure & temperature, IV and central lines etc.
  • C. Specialized life support requires specialist doctors, highly sophisticated medical equipments.

Ambulance services :

I. There are two standby ambulances: one well equipped Cardiac and the other ambulance is non-cardiac.

II. Ordinary ambulance.

III. There are trained ambulance drivers available round the clock.

VI. A qualified doctor , a nurse and a well-trained ward boy mans the cardiac ambulance.

V. The ambulance is equipped with drugs and new machines