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Lokpriya Hospital
"Compassionate care at affordable price"


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We believe in providing excellent quality dental services with the help of our dental experts, our finest technology & equipment, our nurses and non-medical support staff.

With experienced dentists, sophisticated tools and the most advanced technology, Roshal Dental Care Clinic at Lokpriya Hospital has raised dental surgery standards in Meerut and periphery. Our comprehensive range of dental services comes with the utmost care, comfort, and quality .

The centre covers all the routine dental procedures including extractions, partial and full denture prostheses, crown & bridge (fixed prosthesis), cast partial removable dentures, root canal therapy. All types of restorative fillings, oral prophylaxis and gum treatment

Dr Rohit Ravinder together with his dedicated team includes full time resident dentists and specialists in all fields of dentistry including

→ Endodontists

→ Oral Surgeon and Implantologist

→ Orthodontist

→ Periodontist

→ Pedodontist

→ Prosthodontist

Ensuring the highest quality standards of dental healthcare services.

Centre Highlights :-

→ State of the art equipment with latest dental chairs

→ Highly professional staff

→ Disposable drapes,gloves,masks,suction tips,glasses

→ Strict infection control protocols

→ Prompt , compassionate and quality care at affordable price

→Digital Xray for selected teeth (OPG)

→ Efficiently managed patient records and details to enable quick access and accurate recall and assessment

→ Everything you need in dental treatment under one roof

Treatments & Procedures

Preventive Dentistry

→ Oral Prophylaxis (Scaling and polishing)

→ Fillings

→ Flouride treatment

→ Pit and fissure sealants

→ Night guard

Restorative Dentistry

→ Bridges

→ Implants

→ Complete dentures, partial dentures, porcelain crown and bridges

→ Full mouth rehabilitation

→ Partial dentures- acrylic and cast partial

→ Implant supported

Cosmetic Dentistry

→ Veneers

→ Composite

→ Porcelain

→Tooth whitening

→Tooth alignment with braces

→ Metal

→ Tooth coloured

→ Lingual

→ Invisalign


→All types of tooth removal

→ Corrective surgeries for jaws

→ Fracture correction

→ Surgical removal of growths, cysts or tumours

→ Apicoectomy

  • Removal of impacted teeth
  • Treatment of cyst and tumors of the jaws
  • Maxillofacial Trauma using titanium and restorable bone plates
  • Treatment of tumors of Maxillofacial Region and Access Osteotomies
  • Re-constructive procedure with osteodestruction, osteogenesis
  • Rehabilitation procedures including implants and bones grafts
  • TM Joint Deformities, diseases and their corrections
  • Aesthetic Maxillofacial Surgery

Specialty of Dental Radiology

· Routine radiography: intraoral and Extraoral x-ray

· Digital radiograph

. Orthopantogram (OPG)