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Lokpriya Hospital
"Compassionate care at affordable price"

Lokpriya Hospital voluntarily has opted to go for the community service by enrolling itself as a private provider in the district of Meerut for the performance of various activities in accordance with RNTCP policy by establishing the DOTS centre in its premises.

→ We have dedicated staff who perform efficiently all the activities under DOTS scheme.

→ The centre provides free checkup and free treatment for all sputum positive cases of Tuberculosis .

→ Free of cost Good Quality sputum microscopy

→ Uninterrupted supply of good quality Anti-TB drugs


Makes the patient VIP of the program
DOTS Program shifts the responsibility for patients cure/completion of treatment on the health system.
Reduces risk to the community by preventing spread of TB
“DOTS-sure cure for TB”

Directly Observed Treatment Short Course Chemotherapy (DOTS)
(directly observed treatment, short-course), is the name given to the tuberculosis control strategy recommended by the World Health Organization.[1] According to WHO, “The most cost-effective way to stop the spread of TB in communities with a high incidence is by curing it. The best curative method for TB is known as DOTS.
Directly observed treatment (DOT) is one element of the DOTS strategy . An observer/health worker/trained person watches while the patient swallows the medicine.

Direct observation ensures treatment for the entire course

  • with the right drugs
  • in the right doses
  • at the right intervals

All patients receive free drugs under direct observation by a DOT provider who is accessible and acceptable to the patient and accountable to health system .