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Lokpriya Hospital
"Compassionate care at affordable price"


→ Quick & speedy discharge summary through our efficient resident doctor and executives for all planned discharges

→ Post discharge follow up for feedback and suggestions

The following is the procedure for discharge

→ Your Consultant doctor will make an entry of discharge in your folder.

→ The Resident doctor will then fill in your discharge card with details and the further course of treatment. If you need to come back for a follow-up assessment, it will be indicated.

→ Drug prescriptions and other instructions are given.

→ Your folder containing the relevant papers will be sent to the admission counter for information and then to the Billing Department.

→ The final bill is readied after the deposit is taken from the patient attendant. When you receive the final bill, a discharge slip is also given which has to be shown to the nursing ststion and at the entrance before leaving the hospital